The Philosophy

The Pürovel philosophy is derived from the origin of wellbeing and use of nature’s resources, such as stone, wood, water, flora, pure invigorating alpine air and the changing seasons of the Swiss mountains.

Pürovel spa treatments, using essential oils organically produced in Switzerland, work in symmetry with the sports training, having both been designed to invigorate and vitalise in rhythm with the seasons.

  • Spring, the season of emergence and renewal.
  • Summer, the season of peak activity for the mountain meadows under the sun.
  • Autumn, with cooling breezes aid recovery.
  • Winter, the season of quiet hibernation.

The 4 seasons similarly reflect the stages to vitality embraced in the fitness programmes, the body’s natural rhythm of nourishment, exertion, and rest and the steps required to reach peak performance.

  • Prepare (emerge)
  • Perform (peak)
  • Enjoy (cool down)
  • Hibernate (rest)

The Pürovel treatments encourage emergence through detoxification and cleansing, peak performance through strengthening and clarifying; cool down through replenishment and rebalance ending in rest, reflection and relaxation.